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Billy's Nightmare is a fast paced roguelike game set in the nightmares of the pyjamas wearing boy Billy.

Find powerful abilities, explore with your mount and fight your way deeper into the nightmare to find Mr Sandman's stolen Dream Catcher.

Unlock cool outfits, face the nightmares alone or together with a friend in local & online co-op!

"THIS IS REALLY GOOD." - CheeseBaron2
"This game is really enjoyable!" ScriptLine Studios
"Can not wait for the full release!!!" - maxvuksan

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  • The game gives you an error message when starting. Download this DirectX.
  • The game won't start at all. Extract the file and open the .exe inside the folder.

How to play multiplayer?

  • Make sure you have the same game version.
  • If the host has a router, he has to set up port forwarding so the client can connect to his ip.
  • If you don't know how to set up port forwarding or don't wan't to mess with your router, you can always use a software like Hamachi to emulate a local area network.

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Billy's Nightmare.exe 55 MB

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This game was a LOT of fun to play! I was really into it, and then the full version message caught me a little off-guard. I like so many things about this game, but I think it could use some added difficulty, and maybe make abilities found earlier in the game weaker. That could add some sort of progression. I really enjoyed it!

Finally got a chance to stream your game Had a blast Twitch video of Billy's Nightmare. If your reading the comments to see if its worth downloading then I gotta say stop wasting time its worth a play go download it.

Thanks for making the video! It was fun to watch :D

hey thanks for asking me to check the game out, there's only one thing that happened to me 3 times, i have a second monitor that my mouse cursor clicked on and minimized the game it self on my primary monitor, which got me nearly killed.. i saw there is a windows mouse lock in the options.. i must have had it set to off, but over all the game seems to be fun to play

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The first thing I have to say is that it feels good, it looks good and it is good. It`s easy to understand, the story makes sense. And I love the theme of it.  But once you got two abilities you`re satisfyed with, you cant get any stronger. It does`t have any relics, upgrades, armor or anything of that exept abilities. The game is also way easier than most roguelikes. So if you keep it that way, the game will not get a lot of playtime even though you add two extra levels.

Here is my suggestion:

Make all abilities equally good and implement tiers for them. So a tier 3 balloon will be just as good as a tier 3 basketball. Then you can make enemies be able to drop them once they die. Higher tier items=lower drop rates. I think this would make the game even more addictive than it already is, but thats just me though.

Selling abilities would also be cool.

I also found a bug which I made a video about to make it easier for you to fix. https://youtu.be/Sv35opZqME0

Thanks for all the feedback, Bob4! Hmm that's a weird bug. Thanks for letting me know!

Satisfying! Very well polished.

Perfect challange level for me who don't usally play games like this.


Thank you, Tantan! :D

This is fantastic and SO polished for being a demo!  Makes me wish I never stopped my game with dart guns haha.  What engine is this?

Thank you, Edocsil! I'm glad you like it. We use Game Maker 1.4 :)

I thought so based on your tags on Twitter posts but I wanted to make sure.  Again, great job and keep it up!

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nevermind, im an idiot, i saw that i need to install that DirectX thingy.

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When will local coop come out? Me and my brother wanted to play but we couldnt find out how to. Not even with Hamachi! And also i can you make the players hitbox smaller? It is way to easy to get hit!

Great game though! Its even great enough to not have any bugs (that I could find).

Thank you, Cindy! We will upload a new version tomorrow, where one of the changes is a smaller hitbox for the player. You have to first complete the tutorial before you can play co-op. After that, you have to use the computer in Billy's bedroom.

I know and I tried but couldn’t get it to work, but then I thought maybe I could ask here about local coop. It would make things so much easier for me.

Are you trying to play local or online co-op? What happens when you try to start co-op?

I tried both but I couldn’t get online to work and the local button is disabled. Hosting works fine but I have problems when trying to join.

That's weird. The local button should be enabled if you have a gamepad connected.

Did you and your brother create a network with Hamachi? Did the client copy the IPv4 address from the host and paste in the game? The first time you host a game the firewall might ask you to allow it. Did that happen?

Last video 

This demo is really nice ! I have just a problem with the huge hitbox of the chara, it's really difficult to dodge the bullets but nice !

Thank you, Maniakorto! We will upload a new version on friday where the player's hitbox is a lot smaller, plus some other changes :)

Really fun demo and damn there are a lot of content for one level :D
Found the laserwatch real fun and abit strong, but havent gotten to all costumes yet. Really love the astetic and theme in the game. Loved the Agent costume and his lazerwatch is what kept me alive. Love all the small details like darts being spread in the room after a battle.

The only theme i didnt really understand was the skeleton having aoe projectiles, but everything else was amazing. Espescialy awesome was the death animations for the bosses.

One thing i notice is that when hugging the top and bottom walls, they often eat up the projectiles, both mine and enemies. I could stand still in a corner, or close to a bottom wall and the enemies never hit me.

Would also love to read what weapon the costums have before buying them. Felt abit blind about what costume to get next.

Totaly looking forward to your next youtube updates, and later releases. The quality of whats here is top notch, so i just want more content. And hopefully some hard to master mechanics to keep me playing 10++ hours.

Thank you for all the feedback, Kritas!

The bug where projectiles get stuck in walls should be fixed now. We will upload a new version on friday, which will include some other stuff :)

Displaying info on the outfits before buying them sounds like a good idea!

Haha since this is only the free demo, we won't be adding too much more content :P

Next video - full of bosses

I admire this game a lot but my ps4 controller isn't working

Thank you, Butt face 4! I will take a look at the ps4 controller issue. Hopefully I can get it to work for the next update.

Thanks have a nice day

Amazing really fun!!!

Made another video

great game, having a lot of fun with it, and the server is super easy to set up. just one problem though... my friend's computer totally stops working (he can't even crtl+alt+dlt) when he presses certain buttons. the buttons have been alt+tab and literally just the period.

Thank you, BlockCabin! You mean that the game freezes? That's weird, we don't even have any code for "alt+tab" or the "period" key :/

Maybe that's exactly why it crashes his computer? He used alt+tab to switch between windows, and idk why he used period. Using these for me doesn't do anything, so I have no clue what the problem could possibly be.

Really cool game ! It feels really good to control a little boy and still defeat big scary groups of ennemies !

Thank you, A Way To Die! I'm glad you liked the game! :)

The game is awesome and it looks, sounds and plays greatly. But please try to fix the problem with the ninja outfit cuz when im up against a wall sometimes the shurikens just break.(i assume it collides with the wall immidiately) Also it would be cool if when you beat the final boss you would get some kind of special star wich you could use to unlock something like another costume set or special costume.


Thanks for the feedback, Skelecats! Yeah, I'm trying to fix the shurikens at the moment :)


Made a video


Just watched it. Great video! Thanks for playing. I hope you'll play some co-op in part 2 :D

Really good stuff here. Solid gameplay and graphics. Really charming characters too.

The demo is really awesome and if it is anything to go by, this'll be a solid release.

Thank you! Yeah, I hope the full release will do well :)

The gameplay and art is fantastic! Really well done can't wait for the full release :)


Thanks, nanocube75! I'm glad you like the game :D

Feels so nice to play, can tell that some much effort has been put in, can not wait for the full release!!!

Thank you so much, maxvuksan! I'm glad you like it :D

This game is really enjoyable!

Thank you, ScriptLine Studios! :D

THIS IS REALLY GOOD. Thats all i really have to say. Theres my only 2 problems with the game (theyre not even really problems, more like just me nitpicking stuff)

1. The games window is kinda really small, like 20% of the screen is just pure black.

2. The mount mechanic is kind of "weird". Like i think it should automatically mount you after walking outside of combat for a while.

Otherwise the game is really solid. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for playing, CheeseBaron2! :D The screen gets smaller to preserve the pixel art. I guess your resolution is smaller than 1920x1080?

yep, its 1280x1024